Free 7 Day Devotional: Live Life Well

I was scrolling through pinterest just the other day when I noticed that my feed was 100% full of healthy living tips. The headlines jumped out and told me “Loose weight fast” “2 weeks to six pack abs” “Better night sleep for a better life”

While all of those posts are admirable and can contribute to a healthy life, the one problem I noticed is that all of them address health from a physical perspective.  The majority of our world tries to sell us on the idea that our happiness and health are just one more diet and crunch away. It can be exhausting. Everywhere women turn we are bombarded by the health industry selling us on the next miracle weight loss plan. The problem with that marketing strategy is that no six pack can fix my feelings of inadequacy, and no amount of weight loss can help me find meaning in my life. I don’t know about you, but my body is not the only part of me that needs transformation! My head, heart, and soul need realigning and balance just as much!

Over the years I have found that  key to learning to live well is trusting Jesus with not just your physical health but your emotional, mental, and spiritual health too! Jesus says “Trust in the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength” (Luke 10:27). That means your entire self!

So sisters, before you click on that add for a” Brazilian butt lift”, I dare you to take a health examination on the inside. This 7 day devotional is about learning to live life well from the inside out! The first step in truly being healthy is giving God your everything!

Jesus is waiting with open arms to meet you, wherever you are, right now, today.  He is ready to transform you inside, and soon it will show on the outside.

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