Citrus Ginger Detox Water

This all natural detox water will hydrate your entire body, flush out toxins, and aid in digestion, all while tasting like a sip of summer.

Sometimes winter is long and we just need a little taste of summer! If you are looking for a little taste of fresh than I have the perfect infused water recipe for you!

Christmas came and went, and then new year’s, and then my annual winter vacation. Needless to say after a few weeks of indulgences both my body and mind was in need of some detox and rehydration.

If you are in the same place of post-holiday indulgence, or perhaps you just want to jazz up your water than this recipe is easy, natural, and delicious!

Citrus Ginger infused water! Yum! This recipe is going to kick your immune and digestive system back into place.  The lemon and lime flood your body with vitamins and help aid in digestion. Both citrus fruits help to purify and stimulate your liver, clean out waste, and provide your body with potassium, calcium, and magnesium! Talk about super fruits.

Next throw in some ginger and your body is loving it!  Ginger is known for its amazing ability to help soothe the stomach. It aids in indigestion and can even lower cholesterol. You are welcome body!

As if this water isn’t empowering your body enough we add in some orange and mint for flavor and cucumbers for extra hydration. Your boy deserves nothing less than the best. Give your body the nutrients and hydration it deserves.

The best part about this detox water is that it isn’t going to require a fancy juicer, and it doesn’t require expensive super food ingredients you can’t pronounce. This detox water is about re hydrating and adding to your body not taking away! No ridiculous crash diets just the ingredients your body craves the most.

I drank 80oz of this detox water for 7 days and by the end of the week I felt amazing! My skin was clear, my energy level was up, I slept better, and even lost a few of those “indulgence pounds. ”Are you ready for a health kick start? It’s simple, whip up a pitcher of this water and drink the water throughout the day. Make sure to eat a clean and healthy diet throughout the week and your body will be singing with gratitude!

Citrus Ginger Detox Water


½ cucumber

½ lemon

1 lime

2 slices of Orange

5-6 mint leaves

2 inches peeled or grated ginger

80 oz water

(optional pinch of Himalayan sea salt for even more hydration to every cell in your body!)


  1. Cut cucumber, lemon, lime, and orange into thin slices.
  2. Grate or thinly chop peeled ginger.
  3. Add fruit to a pitcher of water and add mint leaves and sea salt.
  4. Refrigerate and drink 80oz throughout the day!