Busy Broke Girls Guide to Healthy Eating

If you’re reading this than I can only assume your schedule is busy, and your budget is broke. Welcome to the club!

This guidebook below is a resource to help you figure out how to eat healthy in a SUSTAINBLE way. These tips and tricks are proven to help reduce your time in the kitchen and increase the money in your bank account.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t need to take hours of mastery level cooking.

As a current busy broke girl I have noticed just how hard it is to eat healthy when trying to successfully juggle a job, school, and relationships. All while attempting to maintain a feasible budget.

I’ll never forget the year in college when I was the definition of busy and broke. I was taking 18 credit hours, working, and trying to live on $45 a week. So eating healthy was a struggle. Nevertheless, I was determined not to let any more college weight creep on and purchased this” healthy eating made easy” meal plan online. I excitedly opened my guidebook only to deflate when I saw that each night I was expected to prepare 5 star meal with 20 exotic ingredients. I’m not sure what this author defined as “easy” but that was not my idea!

So I was back to square one scowering the internet for an easy and maintainable healthy eating plan.

We all know we are supposed to eat healthy but how is a girl to know where to start when there are 1001 different diets and competing opinions on where healthy eating begins?  Should you try the new keto diet, paleo, gluten free, only organic? How is girl not to get overwhelmed when trying to begin a healthy diet and is overwhelmed by the choices and elaborate recipes?

Well here is the truth I have found sisters…

The best diet is the one you can sustain.

Start taking a look at your daily life and identify how you can eat healthy real foods in a way that suits your needs , your schedule, and your budget best.

Pick what works for you! Remember, each person’s healthy living is different.

I hope that this guidebook helps to get you on the right track to healthy lifestyle. Learning to sustain a healthy diet has changed my life, and I hope it can transform yours too sister.

Busy Broke Girls Guide To Healthy Eating


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